Kardashian West has quietly helped fund the 90 Days of Freedom Campaign, led by a "mighty team of women lawyers" who have helped free 17 first-time nonviolent drug offenders.

Kim Kardashian Quietly Helped Free 17 Inmates Over the Last 90 days [photos] kim Kardashian may have recently tweeted about one, but the reality-star-turned-aspiring-lawyer has freed nearly two-dozen prisoners within the last 90 days and reunited them with their families.

Kim Kardashian West has also. working with President Trump to free inmates put away for minor crimes and enhance rehabilitation once they get out. As of May, Kardashian West helped free 17.

Kim Kardashian is helping free inmates at an amazingly high rate, and she’s been doing it rather quietly. until now. Also, Lori Loughlin may have gotten an assist in her defense — good old.

Kim Kardashian West Kim Kardashian West is staying true to her pledge to fight for prison reform CNN reported. CNN has learned that the E! star has been quietly working behind the scenes over the past three months to help commute the life sentences of 17 first-time nonviolent drug offenders.

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian is interested. In addition, Kardashian has also been quietly funding the 90 Days of Freedom project. The project is meant to help free inmates who received.

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Behind the scenes, Kim and her legal team have help free 17 inmates in the last three months. Many of them had already been in jail for years on life sentences for low-level drug crimes. The 90 Days Of Freedom initiative was executed by Kim’s attorney, Brittany K. Barnett, and lawyer MiAngel Cody.

Kim Kardashian West has helped free 17 inmates in 90 days Kim kardashian (left) posted a filtered photo with Alice Marie Johnson to her Instagram account. Kim Kardashian West is staying true to.

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We’ve learned Kim and her legal team helped 17 prisoners gain freedom over the last 3 months or so – each of them having served years of life sentences without parole. for low-level drug offenses. It’s all part of the 90 Days of Freedom campaign launched by Kim’s lawyer, Brittany K. Barnett, in partnership with lawyer MiAngel Cody of The Decarceration Collective.