The Debt Divide The Debt Critics Consensus. Its time-shifting narrative creates distracting casting problems, but ultimately, The Debt is a smart, well-acted entry in a genre that could use more like it.

Trump’s racist agenda. I call upon the Oakland Administration to ensure that there will be no further collusion with ICE, and to retract their prior statements in support of the conduct of ICE in our.

The game is to (often aided by some mainstream media) make others perceive the target as being. hypothetically as a "blackdogophobe" because I am concerned about packs of rabid stray black dogs.

It was the same bad call most other people made: that Donald Trump’s lack of political experience and knowledge would make him the Herman Cain of this campaign cycle, and he would not get this far in.

I am pained to admit that the conservative media and many conservatives. about how the reason for Trump’s success is RACISM. And Frank concedes that there is real bigotry in Trump’s campaign and.

My thesis was that self-styled anti-Zionists’ were using their visceral hatred of Israel to intimidate Jews in. The difference is that the malignant anti-semitism of the Far Left has gone.

The mainstream media hates that he used the word "spying," but Barr has openly said it’s a perfect word to use. And now, Barack Obama’s corrupt officials, including former Attorney General Eric Holder are all lashing out at AG Bill Barr because he has launched a massive investigation into the origins of Spygate.

Clinton’s vote arguably did cost her enough support to deprive her of the nomination last time, and except for committed antiwar progressives most primary voters now aren’t going to reject her.

The national media has mostly ignored Paul. “Isn’t there a whole lot of hope here?” Nelson asked. Paul had a lot of “mainstream support,” agreed McBride. Then the two got in an argument over.

As the 100-day anniversary of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the mainstream media is sharpening their claws. Americans are bracing for the next few days to be filled with long-winded, self-righteous opinion pieces on Trump.

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Hardcore Democrat Trump-Hater Commits Terrorist Act By Targeting Republicans BECAUSE They Are Republicans. Democrats at the highest levels of politics and mainstream media "reporters" have been continually labelling donald Trump as a traitor, as dangerous to America, as a Putin collaborator, as an A-hole.

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