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 · A friend recently had a similar experience. The rope was pulled through small quick links at an odd angle after rapping – so unweighted. We got a lot of the pig tail coiling out by pulling the whole rope though a Munter hitch several times, in the same direction each time. The rope is still a.

The strongest guys were pulling away on a skimpy rope, and it looked like a tug-of-war that they would lose. It is really hard to get a good grip on a skimpy rope. Finally I showed them how to wrap the skimpy rope around a stick, and then pull the stick. Somehow I had a feeling that the skimpy rope was not going to last all the way down the JMT.

Best Answer: This is one of the concepts where most people get it wrong. So , sit back and listen. If you pull the rope with 400 N of force and your friend pulls on the other side , there isnt acceleration. With what force your friend is pulling ? Its obvious that its 400 N. Consider pulling 1 rope end of.

after failing with a servo (and learning alot about servos along the way) I was wondering what you guys think the best aproach might be; the installation would be on day and night and will go up/down about 100 times/day and should not take more than 5 seconds to pull about 2 meters of rope so that’s a speed of about 40cm/sec or 30,76rpm at the.

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a. the same as the downward pull. Snatch blocks can help you at work to reverse the direction of pull on a rope, which may be more convenient for the job at hand.. c. 3.25′ d. 2.55′ a. In the picture, a 1,500-pound load is being lifted by a two-legged sling. Each leg of the sling is five.

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The force on the axle of the pulley will be different. In the vertical case, the force on the axle due to the pulley will be 1800lbs, straight down. In the horizontal case the force on the axle due to the pulley will be the vector sum of 900lb down and 900lb to the side. That is, 1273lb down and to the side.