Could hurricane season add to the growing inventory crisis in the US? Still, AAA said their growing fears have not motivated them to get ready for a major hurricane as nearly a quarter of Florida residents reported not making advanced preparations for hurricane season.

Florida Street | Paper House Project | HOME in 2019 | Home Decor, Decor, Contemporary interior design The contemporary Italian restaurant offers updated interior decor throughout. in 2019 on the site of the former PattiGeorge’s on Longboat Key. It’s a new concept for the 113-year-old restaurant.

Hurricane season is here, and it is important to protect yourself and your business before a storm hits. High winds and flooding can arrive quickly and leave little time to prepare if you haven’t planned ahead. You can get started with a plan by learning about hurricane preparation in this article.

How the 2017 Hurricane Season is Affecting Our Economy Published October 2, 2017 The recent devastating storms that have hit various parts of the United States have had dramatic and catastrophic human impact.

Did Obama Double the National Debt? Could Trump Triple It? The numbers don’t lie. President Barack Obama did double the national debt during his eight years in office. President Trump may have made hyperbole a trademark habit but there’s no doubt it was under Obama that U.S. debt increased sharply. Trump tweeted about it recently.

Funny FEMA Ad Warns You To Prep for Disaster – With Hurricane Season upon us and the constant threat of severe weather and terrorist attacks what items do yo.

There IS NO SOLUTION to this problem for disasterprone population centers of the US. And yet, what Katrina showed if anything is that this is not true. It took us several years and several screwed up attempts, but when Katrina came we got everyone out who cared to try getting out despite a similarly short timeline compared to what we normally get.

Heading into the first half of 2017, momentum could slow down. Again, this is an inventory story. The first half of 2016 saw inventory cuts whereas the 2H has seen inventory rebuilding. But that restocking is winding down. See ISM Manufacturing Index: December PMI Highest in Two Years. Another concern has to do with the US consumer.

Obama Refi Plan is Not Housing Stimulus The federal housing finance agency has stated President Barack Obama’s home refinance plan has been extended up to June 30, 2012, so more households can benefit from the program. The Obama refinance program is a part of the federal government’s making the home affordable initiative to help struggling homeowners save their homes by availing.

Hurricane season is here, and business leaders are once again asking themselves: Is my company prepared? Often, the answer is "no." Despite total annual U.S. hurricane damages now regularly exceeding $100 billion, the majority of businesses remain insufficiently protected against hurricane-related catastrophes.

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